French fashion house jewellery is created with love using the best quality leads and coppers and semi precious stones.

No product will be the same and each item will have its own uniqueness from being handmade. Making your "french fashion house" your own. 

The product is lead and nickel free.

The metals will naturally tarnish over time but this is not a fault in the product.

The best way to insure your product stays in the best condition would be to store the item in the bag provided on purchase. Please store in a dark cool place.

A air tight box will help reduce tarnishing and the pouch to help against anything scratching the item.


Please note any contact with perfumes chemicals and cosmetics will cause discolouration of the metals.

Please remove item while in contact with water and please do avoid wearing perfume and body creams where the item could come into contact.

sunlights and humidity can also affect the jewellery.

This is not a fault in the product and can be avoided if you follow the care information provided above.

We can not be responsible for any damage due to negligence.

damage due to general wear and tear is at owners responsibility.

we can replace faulty items brought within.

please read through this carefully and take note follow this care card.

thank your for your purchase all our love 

French Fashion House